The Therapist: Sit on my Couch

Forty-two, one child, first divorce, & an amazing business owner. I was
a therapist and a damn good one at that. I am doing damn good for myself. My Ex-husband,
Shawn and I decided to split after 8 years of marriage. It was wonderful but we
grew apart and decided to be friends. Amazingly, we have an awesome friendship.
I can still remember when I married that man… my mind just took a trip down
memory lane! But no, there was no going back.

So, when I got home, I got myself ready for bed. Before I can go to sleep, I
started reviewing my notes for a few of my appointments that I have for
tomorrow. My patients are very interesting. My very first patient is Jake. He
is single and a bachelor. Jake is very tall dark, athletic, and handsome. By
the way, he has four children and three baby mothers which are all full of
drama. Kevin is married, has two children and owns two successful businesses.
His complaint is his wife never gives him time and attention. Then there is
Dre. Dre is the ideal man every woman wanted and lusted over: He made sure to
please his woman financially and sexually. Dre had a deep dark secret. He
wanted to let his wife in on the secret but was afraid of losing her. My last
patient of the day will be Denzel. He told me about everything that was going
on from his childhood until his adulthood. He was a successful night club
owner. Denzel has two live-in girlfriends and no children. Although he is
successful, he was still unhappy. There was childhood trauma he needed to face
and heal from. Lights out until tomorrow.

I got up and cooked breakfast. Dropped my daughter, Jazmine, off to school
and then went into the office. My awesome assistant, Keri, has my coffee
waiting on my desk. As I was waiting on Jake to arrive, an idea hit me. Why
don’t I start holding group sessions, so the patients can see different point
of views? They can also get advice from different people versus me telling them
what they should try. Keri calls to let me know Jake is ready.

Jake enters my office and as always, greets me with the utmost respect. His
assignment was supposed to be having a conversation with all his children’s
mothers. He was supposed to come up with a plan on how they can be cordial for
the sake of the children. Jake needed peace. Jake starts off by updating me on
what’s been going on since his last visit. Jake chuckled as he explained to me
on the outcome of getting his children’s mother to come together. After
numerous attempts and arguments, the women agreed to have a dinner at Jake’s
house but not to include the children. Jake goes on to tell me how that night
played out. The ladies all showed up at different times but on time. Everyone
was able to have the uncomfortable conversation that no one was previously
willing to have. All the women respected each other’s opinions and concluded.
All the ladies were assuming Jake was messing with the other. And as that was
previously a secret, he told the truth because he was indeed messing with each
of them. However, he was not in a relationship with any of them. None of the
ladies wanted to stop dealing with him. There was an agreement made for
everyone to get along and maybe Jake has an open relationship with all the
ladies. After dinner, Jake and the ladies each went their own separate ways,
but everyone stayed in contact. Jake said, he was happy with the ending and
wanted to be with all the ladies anyways, as all of them were the mothers to
his children. And he still cared about each of them. So, Teyana and Brandi
started talking more and even developed a sexual relationship amongst
themselves. Karly would never swing that way. Jake approved everything and it seemed
all too good to be true. All the children can now grow up with their siblings.
I sent Jake on his way with advice as to do what makes him happy but be careful
as this can get more complicated as before.

I had an hour before my next appointment. I ran out of the office to get a
few things. When I came back, I sat at my desk and pulled up my personal
calendars. As I gathered my thoughts, Keri called to let me know Kevin is in
the waiting area. Kevin’s assignment was to set aside three date nights to just
have time for him and his wife. He was such a wonderful man, but his wife was
just too blind to see it. Kevin starts telling me about the dates he set aside.
The first date was awesome: He got a hotel suite decorated and had gifts laid
out for her when they arrived. He said it was almost perfect. It was everything
he’s been trying to do. The second date was good, but not quite like the first.
He took her to the beach and had a picnic, but for some reason she seemed very
distant. Although, she seemed to be happy her energy made him notice otherwise.
Kevin said he stopped and questioned her as to why she’s this way with him. She
gives no response but proceeds with the picnic. Date three was absolutely
horrible. Kevin said to me that he thinks it is time for a divorce. Now, I am
not a divorce lawyer, so I do not give any advice on that. But what I will tell
my patients is that they need to think through things clearer and make a
decision thereafter. So, he goes on to tell me she finally tells him why she’s
been so distant. She’s been seeing her Ex-boyfriend for the past 6 months. My
advice for him was to see if his marriage was worth saving. If it is, go for
it. If not, let her be and just take care of your children. His appointment
took so long my next patient was already in the waiting area when we finished.

In comes Dre, the ideal man with the ideal package. At our first meeting,
Dre was embarrassed to tell me what his issue was. He just wanted to vent, but
I kept sensing that it was more to what he was telling me. Well at our last
meeting he told me his secret. Dre was bi-sexual. This was surely nothing I
have not heard before. He expressed how much he loved women, but he also liked
men. Before he got married, he privately been with men. He knows he could never
cheat on his wife, so he has been neglecting his feelings for it. He knows that
he could never be seen with a man in public, so he neglected his feelings. But
he was at a point he felt that urge and did not know how to deal with it. So, his
assignment was to generally question his wife about different views on that
subject. So, this is how it went down. Dre took his wife on a regular date
night at a high-class restaurant. During dinner he asks her questions on how
she felt about that. But of course, him questioning her made her feel a little
uneasy. Her responses were everything he wanted to hear. Surprisingly, she would
like to be in a relationship with 2 men. Dre explained the feeling of relief
that he felt that night. But him being bisexual before they met and him not
disclosing that her, hurt her. So, on the next date, they talked about a
possibility of them meeting men together. His assignment was accomplished, and
he can now end his session with me. I really did not want to let him go, as I
really wanted to hear details after they do meet someone. But follow up
sessions would have to be his call.

Now, it is time for my lunch break. I decided to go home, take a bath and use
my Lovebug. Lovebug was the name of my sexual toy. My most expensive vibrator.
As a therapist, you sit here and listen to other people’s issues, but no one
ever listens to you. they seem to think I got it all and that I am damn near
perfect. But little do they know; I have issues and I’m addicted to sex. After
my divorce, I did not want to date. I felt like I needed time to myself. Time
to refresh and find myself again. Most times, I sexually pleased myself. At
other times, I would call someone special over to satisfy me in ways I could
not. After I laid there for a second, I decided to get myself together, grab a
bite to eat and head on back to the office.

So, as I’m getting back to the office, I am greeted at the front door by
Denzel. His assignment was to make a trip home to his parents’ house and have a
conversation about some of the things he experienced as a child. He has never
talked about it to anyone but me, but it was tearing him apart on the inside. I
told him, for him to get through it he must confront it. Denzel goes into
detail about his trip home. He drove home for a weekend by himself to have this
uncomfortable conversation. During the second night, his mother made his
favorite meal. the three of them sat down to eat dinner and Denzel started to
talk about his feelings. As a child, his mother’s brother used to sexually
assault him. As he began to tell his parents what used to happen to him when
his uncle watched him, his mother began to cry. His father grew furious. As sad
and frustrating as it could be, there was nothing they could do but console him
and let him get it all out. His uncle had died the previous year in a car
accident, so he could not be confronted. As his parents apologize, they also
asked why he never told them. His response was simply that he did not want to
hurt the family. But what Denzel did not understand was it hurt his parents
that they were not aware of the situation, so they could not protect him. By
the time the trip ended, he felt much better about himself and about the
situation. And as time goes on, he can now begin to heal. He needed the most
important people in his life to know and it made him feel free. So now that is
behind him, he can start his family the way he wants to. That all my clients
for today. Time to go have a drink and prepare for tomorrow.

As I prepare dinner, Shawn drops Jazmine off home. We discussed her day,
dinner, and both went to get ready for bedtime. While Jazmine slept, I went to
my study room to get things together for tomorrow’s clients. It would be a
short day, on Fridays I always only book three appointments. First client is
Carmen. Carmen is young, classy, no children, but cannot stay off the streets.
You would never know she is a prostitute. Second client is Cheyenne. Cheyenne
is married, has two children but her husband has cheated on her and had an
outside baby. She is trying to keep it together, but she is falling apart over
it. My last client for today is Keisha. My my my, Keisha was power. She was the
owner of her Beauty salon, three children, and dating a woman. Keisha did not
have an issue. She just used her time to vent to me along with some other

Good morning a sweet little voice awakes me. I must have overslept because
Jazmine came to wake me. I looked over at the alarm and obviously I kept
hitting snooze. Good thing I always set my alarm an hour early, so I was still
on time. After getting myself together and cooking breakfast, I dropped Jazmine
off to school and I went into the office. Carmen arrives and comes lay on the
couch. Listen, the women clients are different. They are more dramatic and long
winded. They get their monies worth when they come see me.

Carmen starts to vent about her job. She loves the money but is tired of the
game. She wants better but do not know how to end the fast life. As she relaxes,
she tells me about the assignment she did. She was supposed to go apply to
different jobs that interest her. She told me she went to put in about 5
applications. Those places were Macy’s, Charming Charlie’s, hospital
housekeeping, Dollar General, and Chick-fil-A. She goes on to explain, the
hospital hired her, and she began working 2 weeks ago. Within her two weeks
period, she has also started prostituting out of her apartment. The fast life
was just in her. The men did nothing for her, but they made her pockets big.
How is she supposed to just give it all up? At this point there is nothing else
I can help her with. She must truly want to stop; I cannot make her stop.

Next up is Cheyenne. The hurt she endures makes me mad. But I must keep it
together for my clients. Cheyenne comes in with her sassy self. Sit in the
chair and just goes on to tell me about the new baby and the mother. She was
really having a hard time dealing with this in the beginning. She has gotten a
lot better since our first initial meeting. Her assignment was to ask her
husband to have a picnic in the park with everyone. Cheyenne really wanted a
healthy relationship, especially if she was going to stay. So, her husband did
just that and it did not turn out great. However, it was cordial enough to get
through it. Hopefully, it gets better with time. Cheyenne has expressed to me
that she thinks he still has feelings for the baby’s mother. And as I told her,
that is something she must address with herself and him. She must make sure she
has fully forgiven him. Otherwise, her marriage will crumble.

Keisha still had about thirty minutes before she comes, so I decide to
freshen up the area. She was a different vibe. Keri was talking to me while
Keisha came in. After she left out, she ran back in to tell me Keisha was in
the waiting area. I looked into the mirror, adjusted myself and called her
back. When she walked in, she immediately unbuttoned her overcoat. She walked
over to me and gave me a kiss. This was my secret. Her sessions were always
hype. Her vibe was amazing, and she only vented about business issues. So, we
started hanging out and things go hot. We were not in a public relationship; we
were friends with major benefits. After a few sessions of her venting, after
hanging out we just decided to keep her on the books. Plus, Keri did not have
any idea of what was going on. Before anything could go any further, we sat
down and had a session about business, of course. Keisha just could not keep
her hands off me. She ended up guiding her fingers straight to my Cherry. What
was so sexy is that Keisha did not mind tasting me on her fingers. Such a huge
turn on. Before things moved further, we just left the office. Keri knew how to
shut down the office.

Back at my place, we both got in the shower giving each other passionate
kisses. From the bathroom to the bedroom, we were all over each other. I shoved
her on the bed and started liking, sucking, and kissing all over her body. The
things we would do to each other was amazing and feel fantastic. After both of
us reached our peak, we went to lunch. We went our separate ways as we would
meet up tonight for a party.

This was Jazmine’s weekend to stay with her dad. I decided I would hang out
with Keisha and enjoy myself. We decided to meet at 10:30 PM at the Boom-Boom
Night Club, Keisha knew the owner. The Night club consisted in parts. There was
the lounge, the strip club, and private rooms in the back. We decided to hang
in the strip club for a little while before making our way to the lounge. As we
were chilling in the lounge, Keisha was telling me that she wanted me to meet
the owner. We never talked personal business between each other. We were
comfortable and happy where we were with each other. There were no strings
attached whatsoever. I never questioned her, and she never questioned me. We
enjoyed each other’s company and that was that. So, in the middle of laughing,
they guys starts talking to Keisha, the owner. And to my surprise, it was
Denzel. I could never act as if I know someone when they are my actual client. So,
I chocked before getting myself together. Keisha introduced Denzel to me as her
boyfriend. I dropped my champagne glass.


Sweet Revenge

She was Headed to the private party her girlfriend invited her to. She was hyped because it was something different and definitely something she wanted to experience! An invite only bar with open spaces, plenty dance space & a few private rooms. So on this particular night her husband told them to have fun and be safe. Her and her girlfriend gets dressed to head out for some much needed fun. As Tiyanna approaches the door she started to get nervous. LaLa was no stranger to this, she hung out here all the time. The bouncer checked the ladies and they went to the door, the lady at the door Found them on the invite list and they went in.
The bar was huge and had a second level. Tiyanna immediately goes and get her a drink. And after a few she was feeling comfortable enough to explore the building. There were strippers everywhere and Tiyanna was all smiles. LaLa was hoping that was going to be the reaction. They find a seat and LaLa walks off to go talk to someone. A female couple walks up to Tiyanna and starts complimenting her. She was so excited her juices instantly stared flowing. LaLa soon returned and they all engaged into conversations. After a few more drinks and walking around exploring the bar they decided to head home.
That was the beginning of something new for Tiyanna. As months went by she became a member of the bar and would go there often. She met different guys and woman and had casual conversations. Her husband eventually started going with her on occasions. And sometimes, her, the husband & LaLa went there together. Everything was good until Tiyanna became addicted , she met a male/female couple and she mind fu*ked them Everytime she spoke with them. When LaLa and her husband was not with her, she spent time in the private rooms letting them take turns licking hey sweet muffin. And sometimes the male would thrust her with everything he had while the female watched and played with herself …. While Tiyanna stayed spending a lot of nights there , there was other plans bring made she was unaware of. Her girlfriend had confided in her husband and they put things together. So while she was out doing her, LaLa Seeked revenge….

🤣🤣🤣🤣#OctaviaLaShea 😋😋😋😋


Long Distant Relationship

Is being in a long distance relationship an advantage, disadvantage, or both?

Dating is seeing a person or persons without being committed! A relationship is being with a person or persons while being committed to that person or persons!

So let’s say you’ve DATED and now you’ve chosen to take it a step further and enter into a relationship. Ok not bad… but it’s actually a long distance relationship. While this May work for some it definitely doesn’t work for all. There’s so many things you miss out on even though you are involved with someone who’s long distance. This includes: physical attention, time, sex ,dates, etc. It’s hard to get to know someone totally long distance.

Physical attention is much needed: just to be in the presence of your lover is important and also amazing. You get to truly feel their vibes and get a sense of how that person really is. Everybody wants time with their significant other. Going places together: having date nights, walking on the beach, or just laying in the bed laughing at jokes. Although, every relationship does not reach the sex point, most do… and that is something everyone aims to experience in their relationships. Just being able to have your lover around you when you need them makes you feel comfortable.

Long distance relationships will have your mind all over the place, wondering what that person is doing when they are away from you. Especially, when you can not comfort them or be there for them through things they are going through. Not having a strong foundation can sometimes create infidelities’. Not having a strong bond can create trust issues. You must be attentive to needs in a long distance relationship!

However, it can also be a beautiful thing. Why? Long distance, give you time to miss one another. It gives you a chance to diffuse a situation before seeing each other. If you are not a person who like to be clingy or have someone right underneath you, this could be an ideal thing for you. This may also be good for someone who does not mind spending nights alone.

Sometimes, agreements are made as in what they allow and do not allow in a long distance relationship! Some may agree to see other people, but when they get together the others are shut out. Some may be in a Polyamory relationship and they may have something about being open in their boundaries. You just never know what someone has going on in their relationship.

So as for me and my personal experience: I have been married for 14 years to my King and I’ve been seeing a Queen for the past 6 Months. Yes, we all know about each other because we date each other! this has been a wonderful yet crazy 6 months! So what that have to do with Long distance?! Well, she lives 9hrs and 44mins away from me!!! Y’all each time she comes home and leaves: it is oh so bittersweet! We can have a disagreement, fuss, whatever but when it is time for my baby to leave.. Although, I may not show it I be so crushed on the inside! I just feel like I need her closer to me. I need her to be in arms length when I want to be touched or when I want to hold her. We bump heads often because neither one of us likes to back down lol….. although, the long distance gives us space and time to miss each other… I want that touch from my Queen more often! I will never in my life ever date long distance again EVER! While this works for some, This aint for me! So for my opinion and my story it is a disadvantage for me, but I am making it!

My Pride

Pride is something you should take seriously! I will NOT apologize if my sexuality offends you!

We have choices in life and our choices should be made solely on what we want and need. Our choices shouldn’t depend on others. We shouldn’t need any validation on what others think of us or how others will feel when they find out who we are. Validation is only JUDGEMENT. Judgement is made normally by people who think they are better than then next person. Hiding is a form of being ashamed of who you are. If who you are bothers people connected to you then they have a person issue. A person is issue is not a problem until they start treating you differently. You have to remember people are living their lives the way they want to live it, so why can’t you live your life the way you want to live it. Who said that what people do is the normal? I want to know why, what someone does dictate why you can’t still love them and be happy for them.

So I am Bisexual, and I have been for many years. My story is that I knew when I was a child, I liked females as well as males. Each summer, I sneaked and kiss this girl when I would go visit family out of town. At that age, I just thought it was a stage I was going through, just for fun maybe. Growing up and when I was back home, I never acted on it at all. I sure as heck couldn’t let anyone find out that is what I was doing.

So as I got older, I stopped going on the trips to visit so I never acted on that again until I got grown. I was grown and married before acting out on those urges again. It was fun and satisfying all at the same time. Although, I still kept it a secret, I was still enjoying what I was doing. It made me feel good to do, exactly what I’ve been wanting to do all my life. As the years past, I starting wanting to come out of hiding, but I was afraid of what everyone would think. I was afraid of what they would start whispering about me. I was afraid of what my family would say. I was afraid of how me saved co-workers would look at me. I was afraid of what my parents would say. So, I continued to keep it a secret.

After my mom passed, I became somewhat heartless, somewhere rude, and when I felt the need I just shutdown when I want to shut the world out. But through that, It made me want to be open when me. It made me want to be free and be true to myself. A lot of my friends already knew, My husband knew, a few people here and there knew, and I think my sister had an idea. However, this is a secret I was just tired of hiding… So I just slowly start reveling it to people. How? I would engage in conversations I would normally ignore. I would laugh at things, rather than frown up at it. For close people, I just told them. As time move on, I had really close friends/family to tell me to stop caring about what others say and just be free.

These moments in time, I am Free! the world knows who I am and the world now understands I do not care who accepts me or not. If what I do and want offends the next person, it is best for them to remove themselves from my Lovestyle because I will not bend my love and feelings to please the next person. You are welcome to love who and how you want, and so do I. My HUSBAND is my #1 fan through all things, he keeps my in a positive spotlight at all times about my self esteem and my truths!

PRIDE to me means BEING Me to the world, being free and true to myself!

I HOPE my story inspires the next person to be free and be who they want to be!

Ho Ho Santa

Off from work, washed, & sitting naked in the house with my Best friend Kenya. Looking at Porn, things got heated quickly. Kenya was in the middle of licking my clit while the door bell rang. As close as she was to satisfying me, her mind led her to get up and answer the door. Instead, I throw on my robe while my legs dripped with sweet juices! Helloooooo, I whispered while opening the door. Kenya yells out, Shay who’s at the door. And to my surprise it was secret Santa and 1 of his lady Elves. Kenya comes out in her see through all black lingerie to see who it was. We quickly let them in and offered drinks. We all watched tv, laughed and had some drinks. As the night went on we all were getting wasted. Santa elf went over and sat by Kenya and started rubbing on her juicy thighs. She turns and look at me, I smiled with excitement and nod my head. I noticed Santa went and sat on another chair away from us. The Elf was so attractive, I licked my lips at the thought of her and Kenya together. I closed my eyes and started playing with myself imagining I’m with them. A whisper from the other side of the room said join her. As I opened my eyes they both were by me, Kenya on her knees and the sexy elf behind the chair. I opened my legs wide and invited Kenya in while looking up at the Elf inviting her to suck my hardened nipples. Things were getting too good so I switched positions before I reached my climax. I led everyone to the bedroom, pushed Santa in the lazy boy so he could watch. I moved my tongue up and down Kenya’s body until I reached her clit. I sucked it perfectly moving my finger in and out pussy. Her rhythm matched mine so perfectly. Moans came from the chair, Santa had his Elf bent over pounding her from behind. Kenya and I went over to join them, and then it became a four way sex street. He took his time giving us each equal amount of hard sex. Night came to an end, Santa and his Elf left us asleep. It was good having a Best friend to do everything with.

I was awaken by the bright sun shining through the window. I woke up happy and energized. It was time for me to start my day of shopping. The aroma of breakfast cooking was in the air. Kenya was already dressed and waiting for me in the kitchen. I ate breakfast and then we were off to shopping. After an eventful day of shopping it was time to eat and rest up to hit the strip club. As the night draws near I started heading upstairs to get myself ready. Kenya was in the shower so I open the curtain hopped in and and started kissing her sweet lips. As she rubbed over my body I slid my finger down her body until I reached her clit. We both started playing with each other until we both exploded in the shower. Washed up and dressed, we headed to the strip club. This strip club was the baddest club in Charlotte. Upon arrival we were directed to a private VIP room. We were met with lots of drinks and lots of people. Kenya goes to the middle of the floor to dance and look at the strippers. I wanted to hang back and watch the scene. A whisper in my right ear said: you ready for this dick tonight. As I smiled and looked over, it was Santa. Looking onto the floor somebody was keeping Kenya occupied. I took his hand and we went to a private room.

The other lady

I came home from work today and the vibe seemed a little off. I went to take a shower so I could prepare dinner. I got to the kitchen, prepped the food and poured me a tall glass of wine. As I waited for dinner to finish, I made a few calls and started some paper work for my job. At about seven o’clock, dinner was finished and the aroma smelled amazing. I decided to keep it all in the oven until my husband arrived. But here it is ten o’clock and Andre is still not home and in an instant I knew something was not right. I reached for my phone to give him a call. The phone just rang and rang, there was no answer. I tried calling back and still there was no answer. In the past, if he was going to be home late, he would call or send a text to say do not stay up. So as I paced the room back and forth, I was wondering if I should go look for him or call the police. Thoughts of him going missing was running through my mind. Maybe I should alert his family about what is going on or maybe they know where he is. As I try to calm myself to get some clear thoughts, I finally got a text. The text shockingly said hey baby girl, do not stay up I will not be coming home tonight. Now, it is twelve in the morning and he is not coming home. How the hell am I supposed to sleep not knowing what he is doing or who he is with. Furthermore, I was tossing and turning so I tried to call him. After every call, I left a detailed voicemail, but he never called me back. As time moved on and stress began to build, it was now time for me to report to work. While heading to work my phone rang, it was Andre. Hello, I answered with such sadness and confusion in my voice. Andre replied, we need to talk tonight over dinner, have a great day at work. I said ok, quickly hung up the phone, and went into work. As my work day ended, a message came through to meet him at Longhorn around 7:30. I went home, showered and got dressed. The waiter greeted me with some Pink tulips and a box of Vera Wang perfume, my favorites. Mrs. Taylor, right this way. As I approach the table, my smile turned into a frown. Andre was sitting there with another woman. A woman I have never seen before, a woman who was gorgeous with stunning clothes. who could this woman be and what is she doing at the table with my husband, that was the thought that ran through my mind. Andre stood up, greeted me with a kiss and helped me to my seat. Good evening Sandra, this is Kelly. Kelly this is my beautiful wife Sandra. Kelly gave a brief hi before she shyly looked away. I stared at her speaking through my teeth, hello Kelly nice to meet you but what is she here for. He asked for me to calm down and goes on to express his Love for me, expresses how much I mean to him and that he did not want to live without me. While he was expressing himself to me, Kelly starts looking upset and hurt. I shouted across the table for Andre to stop and I demanded he tell me what the hell was going on. Kelly hysterically runs toward the bathroom, so he gets up to follow her. Overly upset and confused, I needed to leave. I gathered my shit and ran off, but what I saw as I ran off was Kelly crying and Andre consoling her. I just stood there flabbergasted …….

What the fuck is going on?

3some and me

Dear Tey,
My husband of 8 years wants to experience a 3some with me and another woman. I’ve always been down to pleasing my husband with almost anything he wants. I must admit this scares me. I will compliment a woman but I have no interest in woman. Thoughts cross my mind like am I not enough for him or do I bore him in the bedroom or do he just want to spice things up for us. I hate to just shut him down on the idea but I am not totally with it. Advice please

Dear reader,
From my point of view, there is definitely nothing wrong with the fact that he wants to experience that. Most single and some married men would want to or have already experience that. However, the fact that you do not have interest in women is the reason you are hesitant about it and that’s totally normal. And your thought process is also normal but you should voice those concerns with him. 3somes are a big deal and sometimes a relationship changer. They can be fun but can also cost you your partner in the long run if there’s no trust, honesty, & communication. So that is something you have to be absolutely sure and comfortable with before agreeing. Furthermore, if that is something you absolutely do not want to do, your husband should be understanding of your decision. But whatever decision you both make be very clear on what you each want and don’t want upfront!

Best Regards,

In law rage

Dear Tey,
I am married: my relationship with my husband is great, but we have one problem . His mother treats me differently from the other daughter in laws and I still don’t know why:It affects my marriage only when there’s a family event or time to go visit her. I try my best to make the best of the situation for the sake of my husband and kids. However, I am about ready to tell her off and say exactly how I feel. How should I handle this situation?

-Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong way to handle this situation. The happiness in your marriage is more important than your mother in law’s acceptance of you. And if you both are Happy and this is not affecting you all, then maybe you shouldn’t worry about it. However if it is bothering you this deeply, maybe you need to speak on the situation one on one with her, especially if you feel disrespected. Sometimes it really isn’t a problem but if you don’t address it, you can’t fix it. We all want to truly have a loving and caring relationship with our in laws but it doesn’t always play out that way. Once you’ve spoken to her & got your answers you base your conclusions solely on how you feel. Hope this helps

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…. We are needed so much today in so many ways! As a Guardian, As a Child, As a Sibling, As a Family member, As a Friend, & definitely as a Mentor! (((We must hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE for our ACTIONS & REACTIONS)))We must also TEACH our offsprings that whatever DECISIONS & actions they make, they must TAKE full accountability! We must Stress to others the importance of ACTIONS, we must stress to others that what they do DON’T just Affect them but also their LOVED ONES! We must SHOW as must positively IN FRONT of people as we can, because you never know WHO’S watching you! There may be a child watching you, there may be someone who needs hope, there may be someone who’s following your footsteps…. and it would do NO HARM to see your positivity! Because with everything we Do, everything we say… WE HAVE AN OPTION TO OR NOT TO do or say those things!