In the Beginning, there is only a VISION

I wanted to be a Blogger for so long. I struggled everyday on how to start or even if I should pursue this vision. So what I did it created a platform for myself. I wrote down different things that interest me and others that I felt everyone would be interested in. I also, search on different websites to get different ideas on how to start. So, I finally thought I had it together, I did not. I created a website to publish, never published it. I have put it off for so long. Well today is the day, I start my Blogger journey! Today is the day, I bring my vision into reality!

I want to encourage you all to not give up on anything you have set your mind on. Get your vision, create a plan, write your goals down and EXECUTE them.

Have you all ever felt so discouraged about something you were trying to accomplish? Did you ever feel like giving up when things just seemed to be overwhelming? How did you all overcome your emotional feelings and what can you say to others to encourage them?

Business Vision

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