Having a disease doesn’t mean your life is over!

For years I’ve experienced pain in my wrist. Thinking it was just from braiding hair, I thought nothing of it. As time moved on, I discovered it could be carpal tunnel. I finally went to a family Doctor who recommended me to a specialist who could determine if I had carpal tunnel. Well, I had the test done and was given a cortisone shot to the nerves. Omg, that was one painful shot, I left the office in tears. After awhile, I was pain-free! My wrist felt perfect!!! But a few days later, I was hurting again. finally, got the results from my test. They were Negative. I was hurt and angry with the doctor because I just knew I had carpal tunnel and it would be an easy fix.

In 2015, I got pregnant and experienced so much pain. Being that I was pregnant there was nothing I could do until after I had my baby. In 2016, I had my baby, but I needed to go to the ER. The doctors ran test and told me to follow-up with my family doctor. I saw my family doctor and she sent me to a Rheumatologist. I explained my symptoms to him and he believed it was Rheumatoid Arthritis. After getting blood work, it was determined that I was suffering from Lupus. Lupus is a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. I was immediately started on Meds. A year later my hair started falling out. I was feeling better but not like I thought I should. Although, I tried to tell my doctor and even show him signs, he kept decreasing my dosage.

In 2018, I decided it was time for me to try another doctor, so I did. I went to MUSC in Charleston, South Carolina; where the doctor looked at my symptoms and also did her own full blood work. she even changed some of the medicine that I was on. A Few days later, she called me with the results that I also have: Mixed connective tissue disease which is a term used by some doctors to describe a disorder characterized by features of systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic sclerosis, and polymyositis. That explained my excruciating pains.

Well today, July 26, 2018, I am feeling better. I still work everyday then go home to be a full-time mom and wife. I will say that every day I have some aches and pains, some days I do not feel like going to work but I always manage to get through the day. I am very thankful because majority of people with my condition are not able to work.

Through all of this my HUSBAND has been the MOST supportive. From taking me to my doctors appointments, making sure I take my medication, & just being there for me emotionally! My children understands what is going on with me, so they always lend a helping hand when needed!

So what I want to say to you all is: Never give up on yourself or family when you’ve been diagnosed with something. This does not make it the end of the world. You do what you need to do, what your doctors say you need to do because this does not only affect you it affects your family as well. If you are feeling down, always go to God, keep your faith, and talk to someone.

To all the people who have someone in their family suffering with something: Never give up on them even when it seems that they are giving up on themselves. Some days are better than others.Hope you’ve all enjoyed!


10 thoughts on “Having a disease doesn’t mean your life is over!

  1. ANONYMOUS says:

    Well this was an excellent read. Definitely great motivation. I can’t imagine your struggles as far as everything goes from the pain to knowing your disease. I can add that you seem to be doing a very good job with yourself considering you making it to work each day and still managing home as a wife and mother. I can’t applaud you enough. You’re the real MVP.


  2. Kay says:

    Awesome Job Tayvie….. Glad you doing better with your disease. You’re STRONG & amazing. Hopefully this will encourage others to go to the doctor & not ignore signs, that something could seriously be wrong.


    • heart2hearttruth says:

      Kay, What I have found is that with Males: they are Afraid of the negative outcome they may find.
      Females: They just think it’s something simple & it’ll eventually go away!

      But it’s always good to get checked because sometimes it’s something that can be fixed but if not it may get worst!

      Thanks for reading


  3. Kira says:

    Wow. I could only imagine your pain. I’m so proud of you. You are a warrior and a survivor, keep going and stay strong. Love you. God first.


  4. ANONYMOUS says:

    I have seen and witnessed people losing loved ones. Very few that I knew, handled it the way you have. I mean everyone has their days, but to know the bond between you and your mom and seeing you in your strongest form fighting to make each day your best, is just unbelievable. I see no suicidal thoughts, I see no signs of giving up and I see the strength you possess through your soul. Your momma raised you to be a tough one. Spoiled or not. Not every one has the ability to do what you’re doing or accomplish what you accomplished and what you’re still accomplishing. You have a lot of people rooting for you. Just know that.


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