Loved ones LOST!

Have you ever LOST someone who have meant so much to you? Of course you have…Everyone handles DEATH in different ways! Grieving over a lost loved one can be very challenging and I’m sure there are times where you just want to break down! Here’s my story & how I’ve managed to stay strong day by day….

In July 16, 2016, my mother took her last & final breath! That is the day I thought my life was going to crumble. See, I’m the Baby of 3 children and (although at that time I was 28) I was VERY VERY spoiled! Always had my mother by my side, she did everything in her best interest to make sure I was good! So now y’all can see that, when this all of a sudden death took place, I thought a peace of me died as well! Seconds went by, Minutes went by, Hours went by, Days went by…. and now we had to hold the Funeral! Lord had Mercy on our soul, We had church & celebrated my mother like it was her birthday! See what the DEVIL wanted, was for me to GIVE IN, TO BREAK DOWN! With all the SADNESS my heart held, I KNEW I was the STRONG child, I knew that if I BROKE DOWN everyone else was going to break down as well! So now weeks have gone by, Months have gone by, and we look around to realize this isn’t a dream MAMA is really and truly in Heaven!!!! She has been gone for 2 years & 2 weeks and let’s just say it has NOT been easy but it definitely gets EASIER to deal with! You never get OVER death ever but day by day you use your STRENGTH to get through it. I write & I sing to get some of my feelings out because crying (((for me))) doesn’t do anything but give me a headache!

So in closing I say to you: We are ALL on a time limit here on Earth. No one knows the day nor the hour on when we will expire, so be kind hearted & plant your flowers while your loved ones are here! When they are gone, they are gone! When they do go, you’re gonna want to be at peace, so make amends with whoever you need to at this very moment!


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