Remember, We all have our OWN levels & definitions of FRIENDSHIP…. not so much of a right or wrong, for me it’s Loyalty, Honesty, & Understanding!

In Elementary school, mostly everyone you got along with were labeled as FRIENDS, which was okay because you didn’t fully UNDERSTAND what the term FRIEND actually meant!

In Middle school, you start learning that that simple word, FRIEND, was more than what you thought it was. Here’s the time where some of your friends started turning on you and you honestly didn’t have a clue why? So at this moment we started using the (((she ain’t my friend NO MORE))) she this, she that, I heard this & I heard that phrases! And, You find yourself talking to your so called (friends) all the time about certain exclusive things!

In High school, you are Actually able to distinguish the difference between a friend, an associate, & a fake! Here’s where you start sharing REAL secrets, Hanging out at different places together, & introducing them to your boyfriend. But because everyone doesn’t have that same trustworthiness in them: some secrets get out, they start talking about you to others, or try to talk to your boyfriend behind your back… as our high schoolers mindset: this angers us so it’s either A. Confront them or B. Leave it Alone… however, In these four years, your friendship card is pulled and tested the most!

After graduation: A lot of times you tend to lose contact because everyone mainly goes their separate ways … but not in ALL cases

Then there’s adulthood, where some friendships stay strong, some fade, some die, some just don’t have any! See as you get older, you start realizing: TRUE friends/friendships are a PRIVILEGE to have and not a LOT of people VALUE that! I believe that we ALL should have a true friend by our side to share those secrets & etc with. It’s unfortunate that some people really don’t understand that word. It’s really unfortunate that some people don’t care what they mess up!

When a friendship is COMPROMISED it is definitely HARD to get back to the same LEVEL! (((Trust I know from EXPERIENCE))) but if it’s really true & the circumstances was not HORRIBLE that friendship can be rebuilt! Remember to just never cut anyone off: first get some clarification, forgive, & then decide what you want to do further! No friendship has to be and yes some deserve to be cut off… but never block your blessings being hateful and resentful… Also, everyone has different things going on in their lives, you have to be willing to compromise with certain situations. Don’t expect too much or too little of a person. Always ask questions, always be upfront, always be considerate! Some prefer to speak daily while others don’t mind skipping a day, few weeks, or even longer!!

In this very moment in my life: I’ve stopped worrying who my friends are because all I want is to be Happy, be an awesome mother & wife, make money, start a business, BEAT this disease & Live! I know the people I can rely on!

Remember some friends come & go and others stay forever!!!! NEVER underestimate the next person!

6 thoughts on “FRIENDSHIP…

  1. Shakira Poston says:

    I can totally agree with this. I have seen so many of my so called friends come and go. Some I would have never thought that we would now only be cordial. The friend term is used so loosely these days. Some ppl think because we hang out one day or had a good time at a party we are now friends. When you have a real friend you barely use the word friend because they become family and you end saying that’s my sis or bro. Ppl need to learn to distinguish friends and associates.


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