The Black Community Struggle!!!

Today, I woke up! I instantly grew a pain in my stomach, thinking about our Black People and the constant struggles we face today. Even in our own Hometown. Even the struggles we have amongst each other. Even the struggles we have within ourselves. Even the struggles of Black on Black crime. And most definitely the struggles we have on the Police Brutality. My thoughts & opinions!!
Our hometown, A place you technically call your home, a place you normally know just about everybody, A place you can go to and the village will help you out! Where our children can go outside and play with the neighbors kids. Where we could borrow kitchen ingredients if we were out. Where you NORMALLY feel safe! Oh but seems like as time move on, NO Place is safe, not even the smallest communities. Struggles amongst each other have gotten out of control. It used to be that we can use the word friend a little more than we can now. The jealousy is beyond OUT OF CONTROL and we are now in competition with each other. Nobody wants anybody to be BETTER than them. Nobody wants to congratulate the other. Struggles within ourselves are being kept BOTTLED Up. Sometimes you have to release and address those feelings. You have to DEAL with those issues, to get OVER the issue. Somethings you will need help with but because of the struggles we have with one another we have TOO MUCH pride to ask for help. Or maybe we get AFRAID that the person will turn their backs or maybe talk about them to others in the process. The BLACK ON BLACK crime has become apart of the daily life. It’s like it is supposed to be a NORMAL for us. We have resulted to GUNS & KNIVES versus Fist and Feet. What good does it do; to kill the next man and then turn around and be put in jail? Basically, that’s 2 lives lost not just 1….So Selfish and so inconsiderate of the people you HURT (their family & yours) in the process!!! Grandparents, Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Children, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, & in some cases In-laws are left to suffer through the PAIN!!! WAIT A MINUTE tho: It’s not ALWAYS physical abuse, there’s Mental & Verbal abuse as well! Some of you use that tongue in your mouth recklessly; not realizing that what you’ve said caused damaged. And at times, you probably really don’t even care. Nevertheless, I do realize all circumstances are different, but some of the killings are SENSELESS. Let’s not even mention the POLICE BRUTALITY and RACIAL PROFILING that we’ve experienced! This hadn’t just started but it’s increasing closer in our very own hometown. To be honest, there is nothing being done about it! That too makes us feel unsafe in our community! We supposed to be able to look up to them for SAFETY, but instead we have to run from them in fear we might get hurt in the process.

I would like to see more UNITY, more TOGETHERNESS, more community family oriented EVENTS!! We all have to be the help we want to see. We all have to be that voice we want to hear. And when we want something, we must go in numbers and stick together!



6 thoughts on “The Black Community Struggle!!!

  1. Shakira Poston says:

    This subject touches my soul. We have to stand together, our ancestors have fought for equality and we won’t even take the time and appreciate it. We are to busy fighting and killing each other. Our ancestors fought for us to be leaders not crabs pulling each other down. I pray one day before it’s too late that we get it together and support one another not because oh this person is popular but because we should, we will go outside our race than to help each other. You don’t wanna buy a dinner from her but eat from these nasty restaurants all the time. Smh…. I pray for our race.

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