Mirror, Mirror

Sometimes, we need to stop and take a second and just look in a mirror! We often at times BLAME the next person for the things that happens. No one wants to ever man up to the blame!! Why?

We are afraid of Criticism, We are afraid of what others will think, We are afraid to be WRONG… And Furthermore, it is so much easier to just PLAY the VICTIM. Playing victim sure gets us ATTENTION and sometimes it is not the attention we’ve hoped to get! Yes, sometimes we need to stop and look into that mirror! We, sometimes need to be reminded of who we are. We often step out of character or even out our comfort zones for irresponsible reasons. Never do anything that you will regret or be ashamed of, if it ever comes to light. Here, goes the mirror, look in it! Remind yourself of who you are, who you’re supposed to be!

mirrorIs that the image you wanted to see? Remember it’s not always the outside that has the ugly reflection…that inside is a big part of you as well! Be the person you are DESTINTED to be, not what others EXPECT you to be! Take that mirror & figure it all out. Realize that you are the REFLECTION! Realize that sometimes you become damaged and can not always SEE your pieces falling out the mirror. And that it is ok to throw that mirror AWAY and get a new one! That is what I call, Starting over or starting from the bottom! Challenge yourself to make a PROMISE that your mirror will ALWAYS reflect the person you are SUPPOSED to be and that if it shall ever Shatter.. You will get another one!



4 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. Shakira Poston says:

    Society has ppl so messed up that we have to live this false life for social media. Buying new clothes, hair, and cars but calling and filing chapter 7. We need to live for ourselves and not other ppl.


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