Forgive me? Yes! Well keep it that way!

We often say we FORGIVE, but we keep bringing up what we was supposed to forgive!

In any situation, relationship, marriage, or just in general…..We are put through challenges. Depending on who YOU are and what YOU believe, you either forgive or don’t forgive! Today, I want to focus on those who do forgive. If you find it in your heart to Forgive a person for whatever they have done wrong to you, that is a wonderful step into getting over it.

However, if you’ve chosen to forgive, you should not bring whatever it is up in their face. No matter what, that is over and done with. We often bring up an old situation, when we get mad again or if that specific person does something else. No, nothing goes away. By bringing up something old(that was supposed to be forgiven), is really a sign that you NEVER forgiven them and that you have not gotten over it. So basically, it is still causing you more harm and stress for yourself and the other individual. Making you MISERABLE.

No, you will Never Forget but you work daily at trying to let it become just a memory instead of a daily nightmare. It will cause so much chaos and turmoil just keeping that alive. sometimes, you just have to bury things and leave it there. We’ve all made someone mad, we’ve all done someone wrong, we’ve all made a mistake that we just CAN’T fix… We’ve all forgiven, we’ve all been forgiven by someone else… We take our Losses and our Angers, deal with them, and MOVE ON! And at that moment you know how to DEAL with that person and to handle them from that point! EITHER, you stay and let it go, or you cut ties and move on. Sometime you just have to remove yourself from others or the situation!

Personally, I do NOT like bringing up and reliving old things. It does nothing to me but get me angry again and feeling hateful for something/someone I was supposed to forgive. Furthermore, I don’t want someone I’ve hurt or made mad, to forgive me and then later down the road throw it back in my face.

We just have to learn to deal with SITUATIONS better!

2 thoughts on “Forgive me? Yes! Well keep it that way!

  1. Shakira says:

    This subject is so crazy because just like everyone else I’m sure we all have said I forgive you then they do something to you and you bring up the very same thing you were supposed to forgive them for. I dont know we just have to learn to let go and let God. Don’t bring it up but just be mindful.

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