Happy Anniversary to us!

On yesterday, Saturday, August 18th…. I celebrated my 11th Wedding Anniversary!! Lord, I give you thanks first because without you being #1 in our lives, we would have been FAILED! Y’all this is such a wonderful Milestone for us! We are a YOUNG couple who made a vow to always Love each other forever! Though there are tears, there are more laughs! Though there’s plenty of downs, it never outweigh the ups! Yes, marriage can sometimes be a challenge, but we go through those challenges to LEARN each other and to be able to work things out! Those downs make you appreciate the ups!

Y’all, Never GIVE up on something or someone you Love! Love is not easy, it’s hard work! Keep pushing, keep praying, and keep smiling! Those mountains can always be moved!

Happy Anniversary to us ❤️😍😍❤️ God please grant us with many many more!

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