She found….

Hiding in the closet, she found..HERSELF! Sometimes, she needed a place where she could go and be Alone. No judgement and No advice just her! This closet was her everything, almost like a Secret Heaven. Her closet was filled with clothes and shoes. This closet was just the perfect fit for her to shield herself from everyone. She cried in sorrow, she cried in joy, she wrote, she danced, but most of all she PRAYED. She felt like the weight of the world was always on her shoulder, she did not know what to do. Friends, weren’t the friends she thought. Family, turned their backs in her time of need. She could not weigh her children down with the adult problems she faced. She literally felt ALONE. Her closet was always that secret place to go.

Growing up, she had everything she ever needed. Mom and Dad displayed Love and compassion. she had clothes, shoes, and food to eat. Also, Without hesitation, they made sure that she gets whatever she wanted as long as her grades were to perfection. They taught her how to love, how to be loved, how to work for what she needed, friendships and that the world didn’t owe her anything. Elementary School passed, Middle School passed, and now she advanced to High School. Elementary School was a breeze, Middle School was no problem, but High School became a challenge for her. She was older and there were a lot of different personalities to deal with. From friends to family to boys….. As the school years went by friends came and went. Family, stood by her side …  Hooray, She met this guy in her grade that she became interested in….My my my was he handsome and apart of the Football team. Could not have asked for a better combination, right…right! She could see herself dating a guy like that. And, she did!!! Now, they both enter the real world as a couple. Seems like everything was so perfect!!

My question is: Do you fully KNOW someone?

Moved in together, got married and had 2 children and shared great Sex. You can just say were living the life until one day he talked down to her for no reason. But not just once, but over and over and over…The constant yelling and the negative comments….Oh my, was he disrespectful! Not so much the Prince Charming she thought she knew! What happened? They had a nice home, beautiful children, nice jobs…. but what they were lacking was the Love and compassion that she was TAUGHT to have.

See material things are sometimes put in front of the Love that they were supposed to share. So she tried to turn to her Mom and Dad for help, but the advice they gave, she did not want to hear it…she turned to her friends, but all of them created judgment towards her…Who could she turn to? HER CLOSET, became her best friend. She felt so alone like no one cared about what she was experiencing! So, When no one was around, she went there…Her Secret Place….When she got up in the morning, she went in there. Whenever she felt down, she found her secret place. And then and only then through crying, laughter, writing, dancing, and prayer SHE FOUND HERSELF again. And at that moment she was able to face and conquer the world! She finally got herself  and her self-esteem to a point where she could approach her husband! Over time, Things got better. Needless to say, Life went on and because of the praying she’s done, things are back to normal!


So see: sometimes we all need to find that hiding place. We can easily get LOST in our lives or even in this sometimes cruel world. We must know WHO we are and remember what we were TAUGHT. Understand that life will throw a lot of lemons at you, but you must face everything and move right along. Verbal abuse is so common and we take that lightly. No one should ever be called out of their name or belittled!

3 thoughts on “She found….

  1. Erica Evans says:

    The truth behind closed doors. When they think it is ask okay but deep down inside you hurt for attention from the ones that you thought loved you so much. Wow…this went deep for me. Love it. Keep it up. Proud of you❤

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  2. ANONYMOUS says:

    I am late reading this. But it completely caught my attention and drew me in. I know exactly what you mean by your secret place. I always had one. Even to this day. One thing about it though, people tend to let you down. Sometimes it just takes a little you time and some meditation and it will bring you back down out the clouds and level you out. This hit me and took me back to my old days. Because I to had a closet place. Even slept in it sometime when I was most vulnerable. But like you said, its all to find you and help you maintain who you are. I love this so much. You’re great with your writing. And it hits deep. Keep up the good work.


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