Part II: When the past Haunts

Part II: When the Past Haunts

By OctaviaLaShea

Marcus, What are you talking about? As he gets closer to the door I’m starting to to feel nauseous. What am I going to do and what am I going to say? Jennifer get yourself together, I whispered to myself. I get up, straighten myself up and walk closer to the door. I opened the door and Marcus was standing there looking me in my eyes. Jennifer he yells, I jumped back against the door. Marcus what is wrong baby. Marcus whispers how could you do this to me? Everything I do, I’ve done it for us. Baby please explain to me what you’re talking about. Jennifer you’ve been seeing my friend Frank. I instantly dropped to my knees. Marcus I’m so sorry baby, I’m sorry! The attention I wanted from you I got it from him, I swear I had no remembrance that he was your friend. Marcus pushed me hard against the door. He chokes her with one hand. Marcus stop baby you’re hurting me, please. Marcus got down on his knees, pulled my skirt up and started licking my juice box. As shocked as I was, It felt so good to get the much needed attention from him, my body shook as my juices flowed down. I felt myself climaxing. Straight to bed we went. No talking

Next morning, I awake and Marcus is in the Lazy Boy chair reading his daily newspaper. Good Morning Jennifer, or should I call you Angela. Baby I’m so sorry, I never meant for any of this to happen. Please just, Jennifer be quiet. I understand that I have not shown you the attention that you deserved. Managing the businesses just got more of my attention. I just never realized that you were really lacking that from me. We all make mistakes & I’m not going to lie, this hurt me deep Jennifer. You were really having sex with my homie. Baby I know, please forgive me I never meant to hurt you ever. I love you Marcus and I only want you. I promise to be for you and you only. Jennifer you can’t run out every time you feel the lack of attention baby girl. I know baby, just please let me stay.

Ok so Marcus decided to let me stay.

As time passed, everything seemed to be getting back to normal. Marcus tried to spend a little more time with me. We had date nights and occasionally I would go to the businesses after work. Things seemed almost perfect again. Marcus had stopped talking to Frank, although he felt betrayed by both of us, he just felt it wasn’t good to have him around. Me on the other hand, kept him around because I wanted the Money. After all, it’s his fault and he must pay for it. So now, I find it odd that Marcus has more free time and that he hangs out at his club more than any other place. I asked him about it and he says that’s where he’s needed the most.

On one Busy Saturday night a gorgeous

dark-skinned woman with a body of a goddess walked into the night club. She instantly caught Marcus’s attention. He was almost at lost for words. His eyes followed her until she stopped. For some reason he just had to go over there and introduce himself. At that very moment he forgot all about Jennifer. Hello I am Marcus the owner. Hi Marcus I am Sasha & it’s a pleasure to meet you. They engaged in conversation and after awhile she gave him her number to call. The club closed & Marcus went home. All kinds of thoughts ran across his mind. Although Marcus forgave Jennifer, he never fully gotten over the hurt that she caused. Marcus and Sasha started casually dating. Sasha made him feel extra special. Marcus came over before heading to the club. She opened the door dressed in nothing but red lingerie and black heels. As he walked in the room there was Hennessy and two glasses on the nightstand. Sasha pushed him on the bed and started undressing him. She mumbled for him to get a drink. Sasha grabbed his pipe and licked all around it. Marcus’s phone rang and it was Jennifer. Everything was so good, he just couldn’t answer. He put Sasha on the bed and stroked her down with all that he had. Her juices were drowning the sheets. As she gripped the covers, she enjoyed every thrust he laid upon her. Session was over and Marcus had to leave.

Frank, please call me I need that by tomorrow, this is Angela. Yes, I kept the code name.

Before Sasha met Marcus, she had been going through Some things. At this point in time, she knew she needed to get a lawyer. On Monday, she searched through the phone book and came across Smith & Smith Law Firm for divorces. Later that day, she walked into the office and was greeted by the Legal Assistant. The legal assistant was me, Jennifer

Stay tuned for Part III

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