Encouragement when losing a mother

All I can say to someone who’s LOST a MOTHER is…. you will ALWAYS have an EMPTY feeling, you will always WONDER why, you will always MISS the little things, you will always MOURN, you will never FORGET, you will never get OVER IT, you will never feel COMPLETE, you will never SEE her in the FLESH… BUT you MUST PRAY for continued strength, ask GOD to not let you FEEL angry, always HOLD on to memories, SMILE through the pain, understand that you MUST go on, remember what she’s TAUGHT you, and live life day by day… surely you’ll learn how to DEAL WITH IT AND GET THROUGH it day by day! Just KNOW we all grieve DIFFERENTLY & no one can tell you how to feel… just be careful how you express your pain!! I’ve been there, felt the pain, and I’m dealing with it!! It is NOT easy, but I’m making it…. I miss my mama so much, RIH Audrey Jenkins


I’m here if anybody need to talk!!

4 thoughts on “Encouragement when losing a mother

  1. Understand546 says:

    A lost is always hard. God has a plan 4 everbody and one day you and your mom will meet again.
    But always know that your mom is smiling at you while she looks down at you so always remember that when moving forward your mom is with you in spirit and she will always love you


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