Invisible Crown

crown Imagine life as a Queen. Your CROWN fitted specifically for you. Your clothes made to fit you & only you. Imagine the luxury cars and the fancy home you’ve always wanted. Think of all the diamonds you could have. Being a true boss lady and making Executive decisions. Imagine ruling a KINGDOM. Just imagine waking up every day next to you King. Having all the Royalties and everything good that comes along with it. No worries, at all! This is too good to be true, am I really the Queen of this Castle living under all this Royalty. Truly, I am in a Dream! Everything is so perfectly imperfect for, for us. I am Happy and nothing else matters!

Only to realize, you were daydreaming. You are truly this woman who works daily, have beautiful children, and a loving husband. You have a stable job that you adore, but would like a higher paying job. You have day-to-day worries. Want to make sure the kids are set straight, want to please your hubby, don’t have much in the savings account, your wardrobe needs to be undated, want a complete home makeover, you would like to have another car, and the list goes on. So then Reality set in that you aren’t the Queen you imagined. Everything isn’t so perfect, but it works for your situation. You don’t have that fancy house and luxury vehicle. The ability to make Queen like Executive decisions for a Kingdom wasn’t real. The diamonds on your finger have minimized. Everything was really just an imagination.

As you sit to the table, you turn reality into inspiration. Your life is pretty awesome. You and family are in good health. You children are well-mannered and behaved. You have a descent place to call home. Your clothes and shoes are style that you picked out and are fashionable to your liking. You give Glory to God that you are able to provide your family with food to eat. You realize that your may not have that high paying job, but you have a steady income. You realize some people have it worst than you!

Inspiration: At times things get rough, at times it seems like the enemy wants you to be down to nothing. Just remember, who you are and how far you’ve come. We all want the finer things in life, but we must work and be obedient and it shall come. You are a QUEEN, (Repeat) you are a QUEEN. You wear an invisible crown daily. Yes, it slips, yes, it tilts but you always adjust it to whatever situation that comes your way. We all start off as a Diamond in the Rough, however we build ourselves up to shine…bright like a Diamond. We are only who we believe we are so always Wear your Invisible Crown!







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