Her BestFriend’s Girlfriend

Sitting in the den on a rainy day, Shayla was trying to figure out why Cassy kept being on her mind. She instantly smiled at the thought of her beautiful smile, her intriguing accent, & her gorgeous body! Oh my I wouldn’t mind having a taste, she said! Shayla starting masterbating to the thoughts she was having. Snap out of it Shayla, she yelled to herself. Cassy was a one of a kind girl. Shayla knew Cassy from school, but it wasn’t until Cassy dated her best friend, that she actually held a conversation. Shayla and her best friend, Jonathan, have been close since ninth grade. Furthermore, Jonathan met Cassy at a nightclub two years ago and they’ve been dating ever since. Shayla always told Cassy how pretty she looks. In a daze, Shayla heard a knock at the door and she rushed to see who it was. As normal, she looks out the window & it was Jonathan. What’s up Shay, I’m just dropping by to holla at ya. Where is Cassy, She asked. Cassy went out shopping. Shayla pours a glass of wine & says well I was about to go take a shower and lay down. Jonathan says okay, we all going to Jango’s tomorrow be ready at 10, we will pick you up. Shayla waves and chuckles Good night oh and have Cassy message me. Jonathan, replies ok.

Shayla jumps out her sleep as her alarm goes off, looks at the time and slaps her pillow. She had snoozed the button long enough and she had to get up right away! She was a bit upset because she had been dreaming about Cassy. Shayla was an executive Administrative Assistant at a very popular Law firm. She did not work on weekends, but she vowed to come in once a month for a few hours to go through files. As she’s looking through files, she’s asking herself why can’t I get Cassy off my mind. At that moment she got a message, looks to read and it says hey Shay, Jon told me you said message you. Hey Cassy, how are you, are you going out tonight? Cassy answered, yes and I hope you will join everyone. Yes, I will see you then, good bye they both said. Beep beep, the sound of Jonathan’s horn was loud. She yelled from the upstairs bedroom, I’ll be right there. Shayla was dark skinned, about 5′ 2″, short hair, and a banging body. She walked out the house and entered the vehicle. Cassy whispers, girl you look stunning. Blushing, Shayla whispers you look stunning yourself. Pull up at Jangos and Cassy gets out. She’s 4’9″, brown skinned, long hair, and booty for days. Jonathan rolls out with an all white fit. They all danced, drinked, and played some pool. Night went awesome, everyone was tired so they all decided to crash at Shay’s house.

Woke up, fixed breakfast, called some other friends, and everyone headed to the mall. While everyone scrolled through the mall, Shayla kept looking at Cassy’s Swagg… she just knew she had to have her. Some way, some how! Shayla started thinking: The truth will set you free, he is my best friend, so I will just tell him, she thought. After the mall, the gang went to Jonathan’s house to put some meat on the grill and have a couple of drinks. Well, Shay thought this would be a perfect time so tell Jon and see how he responds. Shay pulls him to the side and says: I really want to tell you something, but I know how important our friendship has been. Jonathan says, if you know that, then you know you can ask or tell me anything. Well, I kind of have a thing for Cassy, she swallowed deeply. She is gorgeous, her walk is sexy, her voice is breath taking, and when she’s by my… My juices start flowing. Shayla, he said through laughing. Jonathan why are you laughing, she asked. He replied, Because you actually thought that would make me upset and actually I find that sexy.  She asked, do you find me attractive? He said, Yes I do, always did and always will but we are bestfriends and that’s how I like it. As for you and Cassy, make a move on her, see if she’s down with that and if so, do you!

After about a month of trying to see if Shayla really wanted to chat with Cassy that way, she sends her a message. The message said: Hi cassy, just wanted you to know that you are so beautiful and I really want to take you to dinner, just the 2 of us. Cassy did not respond until about a week later. However, her response was Shay, Is this a joke? She asked, Is there something wrong with me feeling you? Cassy replied with a confused looking emoji and said well I am dating your best friend. She did not want Cassy to know she had already spoken to Jon about it, so she just say: You are right but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. Cassy said, I’ve never been with another woman in my life, and if I want to do something like this I need ask Jonathan about it. ok, Shayla answered.

A few weeks have gon by and not another text was received from Cassy. This particular Friday night, the gang will be traveling & hanging out at a NBA game in Atlanta, four cars with 12 people total. Shay did not have a date so she bookd her own room. The gang checked into the rooms to shower and chill before it was time to go to the game. Shayla heard a knock at the door and to her surprise it was Cassy. Cassy was dressed in a tight fitting all white sundress. Because her sundress was see-through, you could also see that she had on a red 2 piece lingerie set. You could see her nipple rings through the dress. As Shayla looked her up and down, her heartrate started to rise, she could feel herself getting hot and bothered, and a flow of juices being released from her treasure box. As Cassy comes close to her, she backs up and asks Are you really ready to do this? Without any words, They start kissing and taking off their clothes. Door wide open, they both moaned for each other. Cassy lays across the bed and spreads her legs wide inviting Shay in. As Shay dives in Cassy instantly yells out with pleasure. Whole time Jonathan is at the door……….


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