…. We are needed so much today in so many ways! As a Guardian, As a Child, As a Sibling, As a Family member, As a Friend, & definitely as a Mentor! (((We must hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE for our ACTIONS & REACTIONS)))We must also TEACH our offsprings that whatever DECISIONS & actions they make, they must TAKE full accountability! We must Stress to others the importance of ACTIONS, we must stress to others that what they do DON’T just Affect them but also their LOVED ONES! We must SHOW as must positively IN FRONT of people as we can, because you never know WHO’S watching you! There may be a child watching you, there may be someone who needs hope, there may be someone who’s following your footsteps…. and it would do NO HARM to see your positivity! Because with everything we Do, everything we say… WE HAVE AN OPTION TO OR NOT TO do or say those things!

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