In law rage

Dear Tey,
I am married: my relationship with my husband is great, but we have one problem . His mother treats me differently from the other daughter in laws and I still don’t know why:It affects my marriage only when there’s a family event or time to go visit her. I try my best to make the best of the situation for the sake of my husband and kids. However, I am about ready to tell her off and say exactly how I feel. How should I handle this situation?

-Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong way to handle this situation. The happiness in your marriage is more important than your mother in law’s acceptance of you. And if you both are Happy and this is not affecting you all, then maybe you shouldn’t worry about it. However if it is bothering you this deeply, maybe you need to speak on the situation one on one with her, especially if you feel disrespected. Sometimes it really isn’t a problem but if you don’t address it, you can’t fix it. We all want to truly have a loving and caring relationship with our in laws but it doesn’t always play out that way. Once you’ve spoken to her & got your answers you base your conclusions solely on how you feel. Hope this helps

Best Regards,

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