3some and me

Dear Tey,
My husband of 8 years wants to experience a 3some with me and another woman. I’ve always been down to pleasing my husband with almost anything he wants. I must admit this scares me. I will compliment a woman but I have no interest in woman. Thoughts cross my mind like am I not enough for him or do I bore him in the bedroom or do he just want to spice things up for us. I hate to just shut him down on the idea but I am not totally with it. Advice please

Dear reader,
From my point of view, there is definitely nothing wrong with the fact that he wants to experience that. Most single and some married men would want to or have already experience that. However, the fact that you do not have interest in women is the reason you are hesitant about it and that’s totally normal. And your thought process is also normal but you should voice those concerns with him. 3somes are a big deal and sometimes a relationship changer. They can be fun but can also cost you your partner in the long run if there’s no trust, honesty, & communication. So that is something you have to be absolutely sure and comfortable with before agreeing. Furthermore, if that is something you absolutely do not want to do, your husband should be understanding of your decision. But whatever decision you both make be very clear on what you each want and don’t want upfront!

Best Regards,

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