The other lady

I came home from work today and the vibe seemed a little off. I went to take a shower so I could prepare dinner. I got to the kitchen, prepped the food and poured me a tall glass of wine. As I waited for dinner to finish, I made a few calls and started some paper work for my job. At about seven o’clock, dinner was finished and the aroma smelled amazing. I decided to keep it all in the oven until my husband arrived. But here it is ten o’clock and Andre is still not home and in an instant I knew something was not right. I reached for my phone to give him a call. The phone just rang and rang, there was no answer. I tried calling back and still there was no answer. In the past, if he was going to be home late, he would call or send a text to say do not stay up. So as I paced the room back and forth, I was wondering if I should go look for him or call the police. Thoughts of him going missing was running through my mind. Maybe I should alert his family about what is going on or maybe they know where he is. As I try to calm myself to get some clear thoughts, I finally got a text. The text shockingly said hey baby girl, do not stay up I will not be coming home tonight. Now, it is twelve in the morning and he is not coming home. How the hell am I supposed to sleep not knowing what he is doing or who he is with. Furthermore, I was tossing and turning so I tried to call him. After every call, I left a detailed voicemail, but he never called me back. As time moved on and stress began to build, it was now time for me to report to work. While heading to work my phone rang, it was Andre. Hello, I answered with such sadness and confusion in my voice. Andre replied, we need to talk tonight over dinner, have a great day at work. I said ok, quickly hung up the phone, and went into work. As my work day ended, a message came through to meet him at Longhorn around 7:30. I went home, showered and got dressed. The waiter greeted me with some Pink tulips and a box of Vera Wang perfume, my favorites. Mrs. Taylor, right this way. As I approach the table, my smile turned into a frown. Andre was sitting there with another woman. A woman I have never seen before, a woman who was gorgeous with stunning clothes. who could this woman be and what is she doing at the table with my husband, that was the thought that ran through my mind. Andre stood up, greeted me with a kiss and helped me to my seat. Good evening Sandra, this is Kelly. Kelly this is my beautiful wife Sandra. Kelly gave a brief hi before she shyly looked away. I stared at her speaking through my teeth, hello Kelly nice to meet you but what is she here for. He asked for me to calm down and goes on to express his Love for me, expresses how much I mean to him and that he did not want to live without me. While he was expressing himself to me, Kelly starts looking upset and hurt. I shouted across the table for Andre to stop and I demanded he tell me what the hell was going on. Kelly hysterically runs toward the bathroom, so he gets up to follow her. Overly upset and confused, I needed to leave. I gathered my shit and ran off, but what I saw as I ran off was Kelly crying and Andre consoling her. I just stood there flabbergasted …….

What the fuck is going on?

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