Ho Ho Santa

Off from work, washed, & sitting naked in the house with my Best friend Kenya. Looking at Porn, things got heated quickly. Kenya was in the middle of licking my clit while the door bell rang. As close as she was to satisfying me, her mind led her to get up and answer the door. Instead, I throw on my robe while my legs dripped with sweet juices! Helloooooo, I whispered while opening the door. Kenya yells out, Shay who’s at the door. And to my surprise it was secret Santa and 1 of his lady Elves. Kenya comes out in her see through all black lingerie to see who it was. We quickly let them in and offered drinks. We all watched tv, laughed and had some drinks. As the night went on we all were getting wasted. Santa elf went over and sat by Kenya and started rubbing on her juicy thighs. She turns and look at me, I smiled with excitement and nod my head. I noticed Santa went and sat on another chair away from us. The Elf was so attractive, I licked my lips at the thought of her and Kenya together. I closed my eyes and started playing with myself imagining I’m with them. A whisper from the other side of the room said join her. As I opened my eyes they both were by me, Kenya on her knees and the sexy elf behind the chair. I opened my legs wide and invited Kenya in while looking up at the Elf inviting her to suck my hardened nipples. Things were getting too good so I switched positions before I reached my climax. I led everyone to the bedroom, pushed Santa in the lazy boy so he could watch. I moved my tongue up and down Kenya’s body until I reached her clit. I sucked it perfectly moving my finger in and out pussy. Her rhythm matched mine so perfectly. Moans came from the chair, Santa had his Elf bent over pounding her from behind. Kenya and I went over to join them, and then it became a four way sex street. He took his time giving us each equal amount of hard sex. Night came to an end, Santa and his Elf left us asleep. It was good having a Best friend to do everything with.

I was awaken by the bright sun shining through the window. I woke up happy and energized. It was time for me to start my day of shopping. The aroma of breakfast cooking was in the air. Kenya was already dressed and waiting for me in the kitchen. I ate breakfast and then we were off to shopping. After an eventful day of shopping it was time to eat and rest up to hit the strip club. As the night draws near I started heading upstairs to get myself ready. Kenya was in the shower so I open the curtain hopped in and and started kissing her sweet lips. As she rubbed over my body I slid my finger down her body until I reached her clit. We both started playing with each other until we both exploded in the shower. Washed up and dressed, we headed to the strip club. This strip club was the baddest club in Charlotte. Upon arrival we were directed to a private VIP room. We were met with lots of drinks and lots of people. Kenya goes to the middle of the floor to dance and look at the strippers. I wanted to hang back and watch the scene. A whisper in my right ear said: you ready for this dick tonight. As I smiled and looked over, it was Santa. Looking onto the floor somebody was keeping Kenya occupied. I took his hand and we went to a private room.

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