My Pride

Pride is something you should take seriously! I will NOT apologize if my sexuality offends you!

We have choices in life and our choices should be made solely on what we want and need. Our choices shouldn’t depend on others. We shouldn’t need any validation on what others think of us or how others will feel when they find out who we are. Validation is only JUDGEMENT. Judgement is made normally by people who think they are better than then next person. Hiding is a form of being ashamed of who you are. If who you are bothers people connected to you then they have a person issue. A person is issue is not a problem until they start treating you differently. You have to remember people are living their lives the way they want to live it, so why can’t you live your life the way you want to live it. Who said that what people do is the normal? I want to know why, what someone does dictate why you can’t still love them and be happy for them.

So I am Bisexual, and I have been for many years. My story is that I knew when I was a child, I liked females as well as males. Each summer, I sneaked and kiss this girl when I would go visit family out of town. At that age, I just thought it was a stage I was going through, just for fun maybe. Growing up and when I was back home, I never acted on it at all. I sure as heck couldn’t let anyone find out that is what I was doing.

So as I got older, I stopped going on the trips to visit so I never acted on that again until I got grown. I was grown and married before acting out on those urges again. It was fun and satisfying all at the same time. Although, I still kept it a secret, I was still enjoying what I was doing. It made me feel good to do, exactly what I’ve been wanting to do all my life. As the years past, I starting wanting to come out of hiding, but I was afraid of what everyone would think. I was afraid of what they would start whispering about me. I was afraid of what my family would say. I was afraid of how me saved co-workers would look at me. I was afraid of what my parents would say. So, I continued to keep it a secret.

After my mom passed, I became somewhat heartless, somewhere rude, and when I felt the need I just shutdown when I want to shut the world out. But through that, It made me want to be open when me. It made me want to be free and be true to myself. A lot of my friends already knew, My husband knew, a few people here and there knew, and I think my sister had an idea. However, this is a secret I was just tired of hiding… So I just slowly start reveling it to people. How? I would engage in conversations I would normally ignore. I would laugh at things, rather than frown up at it. For close people, I just told them. As time move on, I had really close friends/family to tell me to stop caring about what others say and just be free.

These moments in time, I am Free! the world knows who I am and the world now understands I do not care who accepts me or not. If what I do and want offends the next person, it is best for them to remove themselves from my Lovestyle because I will not bend my love and feelings to please the next person. You are welcome to love who and how you want, and so do I. My HUSBAND is my #1 fan through all things, he keeps my in a positive spotlight at all times about my self esteem and my truths!

PRIDE to me means BEING Me to the world, being free and true to myself!

I HOPE my story inspires the next person to be free and be who they want to be!

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