Long Distant Relationship

Is being in a long distance relationship an advantage, disadvantage, or both?

Dating is seeing a person or persons without being committed! A relationship is being with a person or persons while being committed to that person or persons!

So let’s say you’ve DATED and now you’ve chosen to take it a step further and enter into a relationship. Ok not bad… but it’s actually a long distance relationship. While this May work for some it definitely doesn’t work for all. There’s so many things you miss out on even though you are involved with someone who’s long distance. This includes: physical attention, time, sex ,dates, etc. It’s hard to get to know someone totally long distance.

Physical attention is much needed: just to be in the presence of your lover is important and also amazing. You get to truly feel their vibes and get a sense of how that person really is. Everybody wants time with their significant other. Going places together: having date nights, walking on the beach, or just laying in the bed laughing at jokes. Although, every relationship does not reach the sex point, most do… and that is something everyone aims to experience in their relationships. Just being able to have your lover around you when you need them makes you feel comfortable.

Long distance relationships will have your mind all over the place, wondering what that person is doing when they are away from you. Especially, when you can not comfort them or be there for them through things they are going through. Not having a strong foundation can sometimes create infidelities’. Not having a strong bond can create trust issues. You must be attentive to needs in a long distance relationship!

However, it can also be a beautiful thing. Why? Long distance, give you time to miss one another. It gives you a chance to diffuse a situation before seeing each other. If you are not a person who like to be clingy or have someone right underneath you, this could be an ideal thing for you. This may also be good for someone who does not mind spending nights alone.

Sometimes, agreements are made as in what they allow and do not allow in a long distance relationship! Some may agree to see other people, but when they get together the others are shut out. Some may be in a Polyamory relationship and they may have something about being open in their boundaries. You just never know what someone has going on in their relationship.

So as for me and my personal experience: I have been married for 14 years to my King and I’ve been seeing a Queen for the past 6 Months. Yes, we all know about each other because we date each other! this has been a wonderful yet crazy 6 months! So what that have to do with Long distance?! Well, she lives 9hrs and 44mins away from me!!! Y’all each time she comes home and leaves: it is oh so bittersweet! We can have a disagreement, fuss, whatever but when it is time for my baby to leave.. Although, I may not show it I be so crushed on the inside! I just feel like I need her closer to me. I need her to be in arms length when I want to be touched or when I want to hold her. We bump heads often because neither one of us likes to back down lol….. although, the long distance gives us space and time to miss each other… I want that touch from my Queen more often! I will never in my life ever date long distance again EVER! While this works for some, This aint for me! So for my opinion and my story it is a disadvantage for me, but I am making it!

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