Sweet Revenge

She was Headed to the private party her girlfriend invited her to. She was hyped because it was something different and definitely something she wanted to experience! An invite only bar with open spaces, plenty dance space & a few private rooms. So on this particular night her husband told them to have fun and be safe. Her and her girlfriend gets dressed to head out for some much needed fun. As Tiyanna approaches the door she started to get nervous. LaLa was no stranger to this, she hung out here all the time. The bouncer checked the ladies and they went to the door, the lady at the door Found them on the invite list and they went in.
The bar was huge and had a second level. Tiyanna immediately goes and get her a drink. And after a few she was feeling comfortable enough to explore the building. There were strippers everywhere and Tiyanna was all smiles. LaLa was hoping that was going to be the reaction. They find a seat and LaLa walks off to go talk to someone. A female couple walks up to Tiyanna and starts complimenting her. She was so excited her juices instantly stared flowing. LaLa soon returned and they all engaged into conversations. After a few more drinks and walking around exploring the bar they decided to head home.
That was the beginning of something new for Tiyanna. As months went by she became a member of the bar and would go there often. She met different guys and woman and had casual conversations. Her husband eventually started going with her on occasions. And sometimes, her, the husband & LaLa went there together. Everything was good until Tiyanna became addicted , she met a male/female couple and she mind fu*ked them Everytime she spoke with them. When LaLa and her husband was not with her, she spent time in the private rooms letting them take turns licking hey sweet muffin. And sometimes the male would thrust her with everything he had while the female watched and played with herself …. While Tiyanna stayed spending a lot of nights there , there was other plans bring made she was unaware of. Her girlfriend had confided in her husband and they put things together. So while she was out doing her, LaLa Seeked revenge….

🤣🤣🤣🤣#OctaviaLaShea 😋😋😋😋


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