Quick Thought!!

Sometimes, we realize a change is needed! Rather it is needed in our relationships, our families, our personal lives, our jobs, or our community… we must start the change within ourselves! Never depend on the next person to be the change!!!

Mirror, Mirror

Sometimes, we need to stop and take a second and just look in a mirror! We often at times BLAME the next person for the things that happens. No one wants to ever man up to the blame!! Why?

We are afraid of Criticism, We are afraid of what others will think, We are afraid to be WRONG… And Furthermore, it is so much easier to just PLAY the VICTIM. Playing victim sure gets us ATTENTION and sometimes it is not the attention we’ve hoped to get! Yes, sometimes we need to stop and look into that mirror! We, sometimes need to be reminded of who we are. We often step out of character or even out our comfort zones for irresponsible reasons. Never do anything that you will regret or be ashamed of, if it ever comes to light. Here, goes the mirror, look in it! Remind yourself of who you are, who you’re supposed to be!

mirrorIs that the image you wanted to see? Remember it’s not always the outside that has the ugly reflection…that inside is a big part of you as well! Be the person you are DESTINTED to be, not what others EXPECT you to be! Take that mirror & figure it all out. Realize that you are the REFLECTION! Realize that sometimes you become damaged and can not always SEE your pieces falling out the mirror. And that it is ok to throw that mirror AWAY and get a new one! That is what I call, Starting over or starting from the bottom! Challenge yourself to make a PROMISE that your mirror will ALWAYS reflect the person you are SUPPOSED to be and that if it shall ever Shatter.. You will get another one!



The Black Community Struggle!!!

Today, I woke up! I instantly grew a pain in my stomach, thinking about our Black People and the constant struggles we face today. Even in our own Hometown. Even the struggles we have amongst each other. Even the struggles we have within ourselves. Even the struggles of Black on Black crime. And most definitely the struggles we have on the Police Brutality. My thoughts & opinions!!
Our hometown, A place you technically call your home, a place you normally know just about everybody, A place you can go to and the village will help you out! Where our children can go outside and play with the neighbors kids. Where we could borrow kitchen ingredients if we were out. Where you NORMALLY feel safe! Oh but seems like as time move on, NO Place is safe, not even the smallest communities. Struggles amongst each other have gotten out of control. It used to be that we can use the word friend a little more than we can now. The jealousy is beyond OUT OF CONTROL and we are now in competition with each other. Nobody wants anybody to be BETTER than them. Nobody wants to congratulate the other. Struggles within ourselves are being kept BOTTLED Up. Sometimes you have to release and address those feelings. You have to DEAL with those issues, to get OVER the issue. Somethings you will need help with but because of the struggles we have with one another we have TOO MUCH pride to ask for help. Or maybe we get AFRAID that the person will turn their backs or maybe talk about them to others in the process. The BLACK ON BLACK crime has become apart of the daily life. It’s like it is supposed to be a NORMAL for us. We have resulted to GUNS & KNIVES versus Fist and Feet. What good does it do; to kill the next man and then turn around and be put in jail? Basically, that’s 2 lives lost not just 1….So Selfish and so inconsiderate of the people you HURT (their family & yours) in the process!!! Grandparents, Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Children, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, & in some cases In-laws are left to suffer through the PAIN!!! WAIT A MINUTE tho: It’s not ALWAYS physical abuse, there’s Mental & Verbal abuse as well! Some of you use that tongue in your mouth recklessly; not realizing that what you’ve said caused damaged. And at times, you probably really don’t even care. Nevertheless, I do realize all circumstances are different, but some of the killings are SENSELESS. Let’s not even mention the POLICE BRUTALITY and RACIAL PROFILING that we’ve experienced! This hadn’t just started but it’s increasing closer in our very own hometown. To be honest, there is nothing being done about it! That too makes us feel unsafe in our community! We supposed to be able to look up to them for SAFETY, but instead we have to run from them in fear we might get hurt in the process.

I would like to see more UNITY, more TOGETHERNESS, more community family oriented EVENTS!! We all have to be the help we want to see. We all have to be that voice we want to hear. And when we want something, we must go in numbers and stick together!




Remember, We all have our OWN levels & definitions of FRIENDSHIP…. not so much of a right or wrong, for me it’s Loyalty, Honesty, & Understanding!

In Elementary school, mostly everyone you got along with were labeled as FRIENDS, which was okay because you didn’t fully UNDERSTAND what the term FRIEND actually meant!

In Middle school, you start learning that that simple word, FRIEND, was more than what you thought it was. Here’s the time where some of your friends started turning on you and you honestly didn’t have a clue why? So at this moment we started using the (((she ain’t my friend NO MORE))) she this, she that, I heard this & I heard that phrases! And, You find yourself talking to your so called (friends) all the time about certain exclusive things!

In High school, you are Actually able to distinguish the difference between a friend, an associate, & a fake! Here’s where you start sharing REAL secrets, Hanging out at different places together, & introducing them to your boyfriend. But because everyone doesn’t have that same trustworthiness in them: some secrets get out, they start talking about you to others, or try to talk to your boyfriend behind your back… as our high schoolers mindset: this angers us so it’s either A. Confront them or B. Leave it Alone… however, In these four years, your friendship card is pulled and tested the most!

After graduation: A lot of times you tend to lose contact because everyone mainly goes their separate ways … but not in ALL cases

Then there’s adulthood, where some friendships stay strong, some fade, some die, some just don’t have any! See as you get older, you start realizing: TRUE friends/friendships are a PRIVILEGE to have and not a LOT of people VALUE that! I believe that we ALL should have a true friend by our side to share those secrets & etc with. It’s unfortunate that some people really don’t understand that word. It’s really unfortunate that some people don’t care what they mess up!

When a friendship is COMPROMISED it is definitely HARD to get back to the same LEVEL! (((Trust I know from EXPERIENCE))) but if it’s really true & the circumstances was not HORRIBLE that friendship can be rebuilt! Remember to just never cut anyone off: first get some clarification, forgive, & then decide what you want to do further! No friendship has to be and yes some deserve to be cut off… but never block your blessings being hateful and resentful… Also, everyone has different things going on in their lives, you have to be willing to compromise with certain situations. Don’t expect too much or too little of a person. Always ask questions, always be upfront, always be considerate! Some prefer to speak daily while others don’t mind skipping a day, few weeks, or even longer!!

In this very moment in my life: I’ve stopped worrying who my friends are because all I want is to be Happy, be an awesome mother & wife, make money, start a business, BEAT this disease & Live! I know the people I can rely on!

Remember some friends come & go and others stay forever!!!! NEVER underestimate the next person!

Loved ones LOST!

Have you ever LOST someone who have meant so much to you? Of course you have…Everyone handles DEATH in different ways! Grieving over a lost loved one can be very challenging and I’m sure there are times where you just want to break down! Here’s my story & how I’ve managed to stay strong day by day….

In July 16, 2016, my mother took her last & final breath! That is the day I thought my life was going to crumble. See, I’m the Baby of 3 children and (although at that time I was 28) I was VERY VERY spoiled! Always had my mother by my side, she did everything in her best interest to make sure I was good! So now y’all can see that, when this all of a sudden death took place, I thought a peace of me died as well! Seconds went by, Minutes went by, Hours went by, Days went by…. and now we had to hold the Funeral! Lord had Mercy on our soul, We had church & celebrated my mother like it was her birthday! See what the DEVIL wanted, was for me to GIVE IN, TO BREAK DOWN! With all the SADNESS my heart held, I KNEW I was the STRONG child, I knew that if I BROKE DOWN everyone else was going to break down as well! So now weeks have gone by, Months have gone by, and we look around to realize this isn’t a dream MAMA is really and truly in Heaven!!!! She has been gone for 2 years & 2 weeks and let’s just say it has NOT been easy but it definitely gets EASIER to deal with! You never get OVER death ever but day by day you use your STRENGTH to get through it. I write & I sing to get some of my feelings out because crying (((for me))) doesn’t do anything but give me a headache!

So in closing I say to you: We are ALL on a time limit here on Earth. No one knows the day nor the hour on when we will expire, so be kind hearted & plant your flowers while your loved ones are here! When they are gone, they are gone! When they do go, you’re gonna want to be at peace, so make amends with whoever you need to at this very moment!


Having a disease doesn’t mean your life is over!

For years I’ve experienced pain in my wrist. Thinking it was just from braiding hair, I thought nothing of it. As time moved on, I discovered it could be carpal tunnel. I finally went to a family Doctor who recommended me to a specialist who could determine if I had carpal tunnel. Well, I had the test done and was given a cortisone shot to the nerves. Omg, that was one painful shot, I left the office in tears. After awhile, I was pain-free! My wrist felt perfect!!! But a few days later, I was hurting again. finally, got the results from my test. They were Negative. I was hurt and angry with the doctor because I just knew I had carpal tunnel and it would be an easy fix.

In 2015, I got pregnant and experienced so much pain. Being that I was pregnant there was nothing I could do until after I had my baby. In 2016, I had my baby, but I needed to go to the ER. The doctors ran test and told me to follow-up with my family doctor. I saw my family doctor and she sent me to a Rheumatologist. I explained my symptoms to him and he believed it was Rheumatoid Arthritis. After getting blood work, it was determined that I was suffering from Lupus. Lupus is a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. I was immediately started on Meds. A year later my hair started falling out. I was feeling better but not like I thought I should. Although, I tried to tell my doctor and even show him signs, he kept decreasing my dosage.

In 2018, I decided it was time for me to try another doctor, so I did. I went to MUSC in Charleston, South Carolina; where the doctor looked at my symptoms and also did her own full blood work. she even changed some of the medicine that I was on. A Few days later, she called me with the results that I also have: Mixed connective tissue disease which is a term used by some doctors to describe a disorder characterized by features of systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic sclerosis, and polymyositis. That explained my excruciating pains.

Well today, July 26, 2018, I am feeling better. I still work everyday then go home to be a full-time mom and wife. I will say that every day I have some aches and pains, some days I do not feel like going to work but I always manage to get through the day. I am very thankful because majority of people with my condition are not able to work.

Through all of this my HUSBAND has been the MOST supportive. From taking me to my doctors appointments, making sure I take my medication, & just being there for me emotionally! My children understands what is going on with me, so they always lend a helping hand when needed!

So what I want to say to you all is: Never give up on yourself or family when you’ve been diagnosed with something. This does not make it the end of the world. You do what you need to do, what your doctors say you need to do because this does not only affect you it affects your family as well. If you are feeling down, always go to God, keep your faith, and talk to someone.

To all the people who have someone in their family suffering with something: Never give up on them even when it seems that they are giving up on themselves. Some days are better than others.Hope you’ve all enjoyed!


In the Beginning, there is only a VISION

I wanted to be a Blogger for so long. I struggled everyday on how to start or even if I should pursue this vision. So what I did it created a platform for myself. I wrote down different things that interest me and others that I felt everyone would be interested in. I also, search on different websites to get different ideas on how to start. So, I finally thought I had it together, I did not. I created a website to publish, never published it. I have put it off for so long. Well today is the day, I start my Blogger journey! Today is the day, I bring my vision into reality!

I want to encourage you all to not give up on anything you have set your mind on. Get your vision, create a plan, write your goals down and EXECUTE them.

Have you all ever felt so discouraged about something you were trying to accomplish? Did you ever feel like giving up when things just seemed to be overwhelming? How did you all overcome your emotional feelings and what can you say to others to encourage them?

Business Vision